Why are we building Buddha 108 Ft.?

Because we want to act. Our endeavour is inspired by a local movement called ‘love and compassion in action’. We have decided to truly start acting and joined our forces to spread education and thus help the world get out of the crisis of humanity of today. We want to offer you such techniques of self-development and growth that can change your life for the better. Our work is based on 3 major commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as follows:

  • Human values – We believe that we can live in peace when following basic human values both on the individual and the collective level. We all share the same rights and can live in harmony with nature.
  • Religious tolerance – We are of the opinion that each of us has the right to their own religion. By mutual tolerance and respect, we can live in harmony, while learning from and inspiring one another and growing together.
  • Preserving Tibetan culture – Tibetan culture offers cultural riches and teachings that can help you and the whole world to lead a better life. It is a universal culture with the aim to preserve and heal the world both on the personal as well as the collective level.