How? What is the construction of Buddha 108 Ft. like and what will it look like?

  • The centre will be located on the peak of a hill towering above the valley of Mulbekh. It will have a strong stable base with a Buddha sculpture on top. Buddha will therefore guard not only the centre itself, but also the whole area.
  • 1st floor: The first floor will offer small rooms for personal meditations. You will have a chance to immerse deep into yourselves and thus reach great discoveries.
  • 2nd floor: The second floor will be used by the teachers, students and all participants for accommodation purposes.
  • 3rd floor: The third floor will serve as a big educational and cultural centre with a large room for seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other events. This floor will also house a museum of Tibetan and Ladakh culture, as well as a library and a teahouse.
  • Gonpa in the Buddha throne: This gonpa shall be reserved for Buddhist teaching, meditations and rituals.
  • Gonpa in the Buddha lotus: This space shall be used for both individual and group meditations.
  • The Buddha statue: Storage of Buddhist texts and relics.