Who took part in the Buddha 108 Ft. project?

Buddha 108 Ft. is a partner project of the Lamdon Social Welfare Society (LSWS) and the Linhart Foundation. Linhart Architects secure a complex project documentation and Tibet Open House prepares programme for the center. The project’s motivation consists of 3 major commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Samphel Tsering – The project was initiated by Mr. Samphel Tsering, the main constructor of Buddha 108 Ft. Samphel is a talented artist, passionate cook, remarkable painter, enthusiastic constructor and the president of the Dharma wing in the LSWS Wakha-Mulbekh. He was a minority representative of the Ladakh community in Kargil’s local government. He loyally upholds the interests of the Ladakh culture and follows and develops its traditions.

Chhemet Rigzin – Chhemet is the chief sculptor of Buddha 108 Ft. This well-renowned Ladakh sculptor is the son of a famous sculptor Shilp Guru Nawang Tsering, whose sculptures embellish almost all the Ladakh monasteries. His most famous works are to be found in the Hemis and the Theksi monasteries. He studied traditional Tibetan sculpture-making and painting, he used to work as a sculptor across the whole of India. For the past 5 years, he has been lecturing on this art in the town of Brauschwick, Germany.