The population is growing, the amount of air is decreasing. We need oxygen to survive. Oxygen is produced by trees and oceans. Forests are being cut down in massive numbers and purposefully set on fire. Trees do not only produce oxygen; they also maintain water in the ground and participate in making rainfalls in their surroundings. This is their way of preventing drying out of the earth and thus improving agriculture and the state of nature generally. Therefore, we have decided to frequently contribute to afforestation.

Our first and immediately successful event was that of planting trees in the municipality of Všenory in Bohemia. During a single weekend, we managed to plant over 15,400 trees! This event took place also in Prague in the city park Stromovka and in Petřín, where we planted a tree symbolic of the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Right now, we continue with planting trees in the Ladakh region, northern India, where the price of one tree planted in Europe equals 60 such trees planted here.