Ice Stupa

In the Ladakh region, northern India, Little Tibet locals have to fight water scarcity. The only local water source is the icebergs, that have been slowly but surely disappearing. Water used for agriculture in the past now flows in first in July; two months later than it used to. This results not only in floods, but also in agricultural crisis, as it prevents the locals from planting seeds as well as harvesting.

Sonam Wangchuk came up with a very economical and yet effective solution in the form of an artificial iceberg called ‘Ice Stupa’. After winter passes, Ice Stupa begins to melt and supplies the area with water until August. This Sonam’s idea was awarded with the Rolex Award. The project is now known all over the world and we, too, have decided to take part in it. Sonam also built a Secmol school that is ecologically independent.