I Live Simply

We try to live in an environmentally friendly way, we try to burden our planet Earth as little as possible as well as try to reduce our carbon footprint. This is the reason why we like the project of Sonam Wangchuk ‘I Live Simply‘. The goal of the project is to alter the behaviour of each of us so that we can live a life that is environmentally sustainable. Each individual activity has been calculated and converted to monetary value so that you can see how much you contribute to the saving of the Earth when leading a life that is planet conscious.

One of the activities of the I Live Simply project is also a chance to reduce your carbon footprint when flying. Air travel has a very damaging effect on the environment. However, it is possible to calculate the effect of one kilometre flown and the number of trees to be planted to compensate the footprint. Therefore, we contribute a corresponding amount of money every time when flying to Ladakh in northern India in order not to burden our planet.